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Throughout Amia you will find individuals in need, objects that hint at a task yet incomplete, or oddities that produce more questions than answers. Some of these quests will be quite easily found, as word tends to travel among those who deal with the adventuring sort, rumors passing from one to another; and there will also be some quests that are only found off the beaten path, in places you might least expect, the purview of the explorer.

Wherever you find a quest on Amia, we have endeavored to give you the player some indication of the challenge it will present for your character and whether it best be tackled with others of the adventuring persuasion or not. We have both color-coded and keyed our quests to indicate a general difficulty level. The suggested levels may not be exact, mostly because varying builds will be able to tackle different challenges at different levels, however this will provide you with a rough guide to quest by.

Quest Challenge Rating Color Codes
White = Information Entries (Welcome to Amia, Rules, etc.)
Grey + = Levels 2 to 5
Green ++ = Levels 5 to 8
Cyan +++ = Levels 8 to 11
Blue ++++ = Levels 11 to 14
Magenta +++++ = Levels 14 to 17
Yellow * = Levels 17 to 20
Orange ** = Levels 20 to 23
Brown *** = Levels 23 to 26
Red **** = Levels 26 to 29
Dark Red ***** = Levels 30

Some quests may also be prefixed with a [G#+] marking. This means that the quest is likely tougher than normal for the indicated level bracket, or has special mechanics best handled by multiple party members. There are also quests which are part of a chain and will have the suffix (Part X/Y), which tells you that even once you complete that individual quest, there are still others to be found elsewhere on Amia of the same theme or storyline.

For some examples:
A quest with Orange text that reads "[G2+] Holding the Line (Part 1/2): **" would be a quest designed for 2 or more characters approximately level 20 to 23, and is part 1 of 2 such quests in the series.

There are still a few older quests that do not yet use this system, which will be updated as the Development Team continues to rejuvenate the module.

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