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Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:53 PM ]
Post subject:  Miscellaneous Information and Help

This thread includes various links and posts regarding things you may want to know about Amia or Neverwinter Nights. You will not find any rules or official lore in here, but there just might be a solution for a technical problem you're struggling with.

How to take screenshots
Windowed Mode Tutorial
Help: Game freezing or crashing frequently
Disabled Party Invite pop-up?
Amia Dictionary
How to use coloured text in bio
Name Generators
The Amia Wiki
My Mac crashes in area X!!!
Chat Commands

Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:56 PM ]

:idea: How to take screen shots

1. Get what you want to take a shot of on the screen.
2. Hit the "Print screen" button on your keyboard (usually in the upper right area of the keyboard). Nothing will seem to happen, but the shot has been taken.
3. The screen shot will be in your NeverwinterNights/NWN folder with a .tga extention. The file name will be something like NWN0000.tga. You can now open it with most image editing programs.

You can also install a dedicated screensave program. This one saves a screenshot to any place you like and as a JPEG file, for example.


For Linux: GIMP, a GPL image manipulation program akin to photoshop which works on both Windows and Linux platforms is available at It can handle TGAs as well.

One good, and free program to convert files is IrfanViw.

Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:57 PM ]

:idea: Ric's Discoscised Tutorial On Windowed Mode NWN

So! After helping ten Amians who were completely dumbfounded by the idea that Neverwinter Nights can be ran in windowed mode, I have decided to post my own 'tutorial' on how to achieve this. You must be completely out of NWN to do this!

STEP 1: The Newbie's Journey into the PC Abyss
We will start with the basics and locate your NWN folder! Allow me to make an example location of where you could find it: C:/Neverwinter Nights/NWN/
This path may vary, of course. You're going to locate a .ini folder called "nwn". Like this:Step 1

STEP 2: The Epic Search for the Display Options!
Awrighty, folks. Now after opening that .ini, you're going to want to scroll down to a tab labled "[Display Options]" where you will then locate several settings below. NOTE: The screenshot I will display is -my- settings, so please, for your computer's sake, do not copy those numbers as everyone has a different setting for their Neverwinter Nights.

Locate: FullScreen=1 as displayed in this picture!

STEP 3: Epic Spell: Windowed Mode
I am now going to ask you, the lovely reader, to change "FullScreen=1" to "FullScreen=0". Next, I ask you to press ENTER (Or return, whatever you are) and type in the following: "AllowWindowedMode=1". See this image for teh example. SAVE it and close everything! Now to test it! Run Neverwinter Nights and ONE of the following will happen:

1) Nothing will change when it starts
2) It will automatically go to windowed mode

Don't worry if you got either of the two, you're in the ballpark. Now push ALT + Enter in order to switch modes! If you are in scenario one: You're now in windowed mode. It's as simple as that, folks. Once you follow these steps, you can now easily switch from Full to Window mode by pushing ALT + Enter, no need to ever touch that file again.

Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:57 PM ]

:idea: Game Freezing or Crashing Frequently

First... try turning off the shiney water setting in the graphic controls. If that doesn't work here are a few other things you can try.

Double Check your nwn.ini file - make sure that the refresh rate and resolution listed under [DISPLAY OPTIONS] are supported by your display device. This was my problem after fooling around with dual-displays...

Override Folder - I've heard cleaning this out has solved problems for others. Can some override resources cause conflict with the game? I wouldn't think so, but what do I know? Just move the stuff in your override folder to a new folder, and start up your game. *shrug*

Drivers - Are you up to date? Did you just update, and now you're having problems? Drivers are the root of all chaotic evil computer behavior...

Gamespy/Lag - lag has caused similar errors on my client in the past - usually in the server browser window - but it has been known to happen in-game as well.

Application Event Log - Check it.. is it the same error every time? See any patterns? Does plugging the error into a google give you any fast and dirty fixes? Likely not but it never hurts..

Multiple Displays - I've had issues when running NWN while using a dual-display setup? Multiple displays have caused quirky errors with many an apllication, not to mention an (admittedly small) performance hit on NWN.

Firewall Settings - Is port 5120 (or is it 5121?) open and/or properly forwarded? Hardware or software firewall? Behind a router that might be having trouble? All can cause issues if not configured properly. This would likely just cause connection problems, but again I've seen strange things happen.

Corrupt NWN files? - Consider a Critical Rebuild. It's worth a shot, if you don't mind the 85 MB download (or you keep a copy of it arround 'just in case'). It has worked for others, it can work for you with a little luck. You could also Reinstall NWN - I wouldn't. But I'm lazy, and I tend to steer clear of arduous tasks whenever possible. Besides, unless something is totally fubar on your system, the critical rebuild should take care of anything a reinstall would fix.

Defrag? - Never hurts.... well... almost never - unless you have a drive ready to fail. No need to stress it. Sorta like giving lard to a patient with terminal heart disease, but I digress...

Baring the above, I suppose you could check for 'bad RAM', and make sure your hard disks aren't failing (run CHKDSK from the command prompt, and look at your bad sector count).

Another issue that I had was the occasional crash to desktop. If you're having issues (with just the one game) the best tactic I've found is to turn every option to the crappiest one you can. 640x480 60hz, safe mode textures, sound quality to crap and no grass, etc...

Once you've confirmed that NWN CAN run (and if you're still having problems at this point, you'd better hope Tymora's going to make a fly-by) start turning the options up one or two at a time. Eventually you'll find the culprit when your client crashes again.

For the new dual core CPU owners, if you got issues, check this: ... 20graphics

And here's a tip from a player...

Fireboar wrote:
From NWN 1.67 and upwards, there is an option in nwnplayer.ini that reads:
Client CPU Affinity=1

For dual-core processors, it should be:
Client CPU Affinity=0

It will work properly after that.

Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:57 PM ]

:!: Disabled party invite pop-up, and how to get it back

1. Go to your NWN main folder ( NeverwinterNights\NWN\ )

2. Find file nwnplayer.ini and open it in Notepad

3. Look for bit [Game Options] and under it line DisablePartyInvitePopup. make sure it reads DisablePartyInvitePopup=0

4. Save and exit

Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:58 PM ]

:?: Amia Dictionary

A lot of this information has been copy/edit/paste-d from the WikiPedia. We hope it helps you to get some mileage out of the geek-speak on the forums.


:arrow: IC
In Character (IC) refers to the world of the characters, rather than the world of the players. That is, a character talking to another character is an IC interaction, set within the IC world, while two players talking about a football game or their real lives is an Out of Character ('OOC') interaction.

:arrow: Griefing
A griefer's actions (griefing) include kill stealing, player killing, stealing dropped items, and general harassment. Griefers may harass other players through skill abuse (for example, healing or buffing a monster which another player is trying to kill or other methods.
What is common amongst griefers is that they are not there to play the game others are playing; rather than playing "PvE" (Player vs. Environment) - which is what the games are typically programmed for - they play a meta-game. In this meta-game, there are no rules of engagement, and the objective is to make someone else miserable. The viewpoint of a griefer is that if he or she can ruin your play experience, or even drive you to log out in frustration, then he or she has won, and you have lost. Therefore becoming angry, verbally abusing, or even counterattacking a griefer cannot discourage them, because it proves that they have been successful in manipulating and disrupting your experience.

:arrow: GS
Greater Sanctuary, a spell that is bugged in NWN and never fails to upset it's users and the people around them.

:arrow: HIPS
A feat that makes it possible to Hide In Plain Sight. See Shadow Dancer.

:arrow: Hitdice
Equals levels. Hitdice sounds poshier, and using this term instead of the widely understood 'levels' advertises you as a DnD expert.

:arrow: NPC
A non-player character or non-playable character (NPC) is a character whose actions are determined by the gamemaster. Non-player characters populate the fictional world of the game - from the friendly innkeeper to an agitated dragon. Non-player characters (NPCs) might be allies, bystanders or competitors to the player characters (PCs).

:arrow: OOC
OOC means "Out of character" and refers to things said by the author of the message, rather than by the character(s) that author is playing. Most online role-playing communities make allowances for the intrusion of "RL" (real life) by introducing standards of communication, such as insisting that all "OOC" comments are placed inside brackets, or given some prefix, for example "// Blast, the phone's ringing again, I'll go and pull it out of the wall."

:arrow: PC
A player character or playable character (PC) is a fictional character in a game who is controlled or controllable by the player.

:arrow: PKing
Player killing, or PKing, is nonconsensual and usually random. An aggressor attacks an opponent without agreement to any set of rules of engagement or combat. This can include raiding spawns, camping towns, and any other action which constitutes griefing another party.

:arrow: PvE
Many new MMORPGs advertise themselves as being Player versus environment, or PvE, meaning there is more depth to the interaction between the player and the game than merely killing monsters the traditional way, cf. Player versus monster, mainly in the form of scripted events, and that the game specifically does not focus on PvP combat.

:arrow: PvP
Player versus player, or PvP, is a type of combat pitting a player's skill against another's, where the goal is ultimately the death of the opponent's player character. While this can include player killing or PKing, this term is usually used in a narrower sense. It is the antithesis of combating mobs, known as player versus monster (PvM) or player versus environment (PvE).

:arrow: RDD
Red Dragon Disciple. A character class. The standard NWN version comes with humonguous bonusses and is capped in Amia.

:arrow: SD
Shadow Dancer. A character class that is changed in Amia. See HIPS.

Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:58 PM ]

:idea: How To Use Coloured Text In Bio

Here's all the info you need!

The Hitchhiker's Guide To Colour Tokens!

Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:58 PM ]

:idea: Name Generators
If you are a bit out of inspiration...

Elven names with 2 extra tables for house names
Fantasy Name Generator
official wizards generator
bunch of namegenerators including dark elf, catpeople, and whatnot
more generators class-based here, rather then race-based
another bunch, language related etc.
ahem :P (up to 10 letters only)
yeah well

Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:58 PM ]

:?: The Amia Wiki

The Amia Wiki is a player-supported project to compile information about Amia, the community and Forgotten Realms into an easy-to-read format. You can access it through the link on the website sidebar. Here's some help for those wishing to contribute:

Vegan wrote:
After a night of moving information from one server to another and fighting evil HTML-codes from outer space, here's the new version of the Amia Wiki.

First of all thanks go to the following contributors:
    Shatuga, for providing server space and bandwith.
    Belgianbonzai, for many great compilations and helping others with the different tags and codes.
    Neus Scario
    Sage Dufraine
    ..and me.
That being said, there are a few things to know before participating in this.

Tags, commands, codes.

Simply entering text and hitting Enter does not work good on a Wiki. Check the existing pages for examples!
Use the following codes for the best possible result.

'''Bold text'''
''Italic text''

==Rubrique text== Will also add a thin line under it.

[[Internal link to another site on the wiki. Use the name of the page you are linking to.]] Like
[[Internal link to another site on the wiki. Use the name of the page you are linking to|Title of the link]] Like this.

{{Expand}} Add this at the top of the page if the article is not good enough yet.

[[Category:Example Category]] Add this at the bottom of a page to sort it in a category. Change Example Category to the applicable category. Available categories are listed here.

There is a in-depth guide to editing and formatting in the Other category on the main page.

ANY questions can be direct at either me (, or Shatuga (, or belgianbonzai (


If you feel you have the time and the knowledge to contribute to the Amia Wiki, here it is.

Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:58 PM ]

The Mac update installation instructions didn't include information about where the following files need to go:

- The xp3.bif should be extracted to the data folder
- The xp3.key file to the Neverwinter install folder
- The xp2_text_tpa.eft to the texturepacks folder
- Everything in the ambient folder should go into the NWN ambient folder.

If the xp3.key file and the xp3.bif file are not placed in the proper location, the new content from 1.69 will not show up when playing the game.

Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:59 PM ]

General Information

Shout commands are strings of text written in the shout channel as a player. Bear in mind, as a player you cannot make shouts at all so there's no chance of accidental shouts.

You can access the shout channel by either by pressing the "talk" icon and choosing "shout" from the drop box or can type "/s", without the "", and then all text following the /s will go in the shout channel. Likewise you can access the whisper (/w) and talk (/t) channel.

If you encounter problems try look through the end notes and see if it is any of those issues coming up.

There are three different commands to use as a player, these are voice commands, bio commands and finally file commands. They will be described below.

Voice Commands

    This command enables you to make your companion (eg ranger companions), familiar (eg psudodragon) and summon (eg dire badger) to speak without actually possessing it.

    The command looks like this;

    f_voice [C],[F],[S],,[D]

    The five letters stand for the different kinds of critters that it works on. So C= companion, F= familiar, S= summon, B= bottled companion, D= Dominated creature.

    To use the command type "f_voice" and the letter of the critter you want to speak. eg "f_voice S Elves shall rule all!"

    By typing that command into the shout channel your summon will say "Elves shall rule all!".

    Note the space between the letter and the text. Also be aware that you can only make your own creatures speak, not other players'.

[b]Bio Commands

    This command enables you to alter your character biography (the bit you filled out at character creation, below your name) ingame.

    The command looks like this;

    f_bio [R],[B),[N],[A]

    The letters once again stands for different functions within the command. Let us go through them one by one.

    R= revert is basically a failsafe should anything go wrong when you are altering the bio. It changes your bio back to what it was at character creation.

    So using "f_bio R" will wipe the whole current bio clean and revert it to how it looked when you made the character.

    B= Break adds a line break (return) to the end of your current bio which is useful when you want to spread out you bio to make it more reader friendly.

    So using "f_bio B" which will make the text jump down a line basically.

    N= new overwrites current bio with [text] and adds a space to the end. [text]is what you write after the command letter.

    So using "f_bio N A superior elf stands before you brimming with energy." will erase your previous bio and replace it with "A superior elf stands before you brimming with energy".

    A = add appended to the current bio with text and a space

    So using "f_bio A Elves superpwns stunties" will add the line "elves superpwns stunties" after the last sentence in the current bio.

File Commands

    This command enables you to manipulate the characters you have in your vault or archive. Your character vault consists of all characters stored on your cd-key who is not archived and it is the list you choose from when you login. The archive is likewise linked to your cd-key but is not showed when you login into the server.

    The basic command looks like this;

    f_file [function] [secondary parameter]

    There are four different functions which are:

      This function allows you to move characters from your server vault to your archive. You can use this to remove unwanted characters from the login screen. You can either use the shortened character name or the number for the character as shown by the show function.

      So using "f_file store myawsomeelf" will move the character my awsome elf from the server vault to the archive.

      This function works the other way around and allows you to bring back a character from your archive into your vault. So in case your character has been auto-archived you can use this command to get the character back.

      So using "f_file restore myawsomeelf" will bring back the archived character my awsome elf into the server vault and thus playable.

      This function is very useful if you are unsure what the character files are called exactly. It can be used to show exactly what you have in your archive and server vault. It also gives each character file a number which you can use in the store/restore commands instead of the full file names.

      So using "f_file show archive" will show all characters currently in your archive and give them each a number.

      This command differs a bit from the others as you need to write both the old and new character name. So it looks like this; "f_file rename myawsomeelf punnyorc" You can use this command to rename character files in your archive. eg if you have some old characters left from rebuilds you rename them so you can tell them apart later.

      So using "f_file archive myawsomeelf punnyorc" will rename the character file myawsomeelf to punnyorc instead.

    Character file names are shorterned in the archive version to a maximum of 16 letters and all special characters and spaces are ignored.


    In some cases you can't bring too old characters back into the vault, if so you will need to contact an admin to look for the character file manually. (The current admins are Disco, TormakSaber and Nekh)

    In most cases it doesn't matter wherever you use capital letters or not. Should you encounter any problems you can try going that way.

    Remember that typing in the basic command followed by a question mark will provide you with help and instructions on how to use the commands. eg "f_file ?", "f_bio ?" and "f_voice ?"

    The store function (f_store) cannot create an archive folder by itself so you will have to wait until an character have been automatically stored before you can move characters with the store command.

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