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PostPosted: Sat, Mar 08 2014, 1:49 AM 

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Location: British Columbia

This is an open invitation for players from any recognized faction across Amia to draft me something short and sweet about what your factions goals, ideals, methods, location or whatever you want to include as PUBLIC information. This should be information commonly known to those in the Amia area, things they would be able to learn through the rumor mill or with minimal investigation. A "recognized faction" is one that has requested and been approved for a faction forum or housing from the Staff.


1) Your post will likely be edited by me or the DM Team, possibly for appearance, and to keep up with changes.
2) Any posts made in this thread that aren't descriptive will eventually be removed and deleted, because I intend to just sticky this thread once it has some other submissions. Feel free to comment as you wish, however, to raise concerns or whatever, but although they will be addressed they're also not likely to stay in this thread forever because I prefer nice, clean, tidy presentations.
3) All information shared here is considered PUBLIC DOMAIN. So if you have secrets you want kept, don't wave a carrot here and then threaten that people metagame things they shouldn't know.
4) Should your faction fall into inactivity and be removed as an approved faction due to eventual lack of membership (always comes with a warning period), your entry may be modified or removed to reflect this change in status.


PostPosted: Tue, Mar 11 2014, 16:44 PM 

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Joined: 14 Dec 2009
Location: The Dark Side of the Moon

Oakmist Vale

Faction: Druid's Grove

Location: Amia Forest

Political stance: Neutral


Great Druid: Malandria Luelven, Great Druid of Earth
Archdruids: Fey'ana Luelven, Archdruid of Fire, Delen Tredinnick, Archdruid of Air
Elders: Crow Meltana
Ranger Captain: Vichard Dias
Ranger Marshal: Elrith Meltana

Protect the forests and creatures within, and the Balance of Nature (should be sort of obvious)


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PostPosted: Mon, Mar 17 2014, 10:12 AM 

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Joined: 28 May 2010
Location: Smallville

Armathora and Selu'taar
(protectors of Winya Ravana)

Faction: Armathora
Location: Winya Ravana
Political stance: Elven Partisan
Leader(s): Captaincy is currently vacant
Mandate: Protect and preserve the People, by safeguarding the borders and outlying areas of elven territory. Defend the dominion of the Seldarine, by ensuring that in elven lands, no elf ever need answer to any power or authority outside those of the People.

Faction: Selu'taar
Location: Winya Ravana
Political stance: Elven Partisan
Leader(s): Currently administered by Shyllia Elrian, but there is no formal leader; the Selu'taar is a fellowship of equals.
Mandate: Protect and preserve the People, by contributing to the arcane craft of the City. Honor Corellon Larethian by sharing knowledge, tools, and discoveries among kin; honor Sehanine Moonbow by augmenting the mystical wards which guard the City; and honor Labelas Enoreth by allowing no elven knowledge to be forgotten or lost.

Winner of Amia's "Most Ethical Time Traveler" award 2026
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PostPosted: Thu, Apr 03 2014, 13:13 PM 

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Joined: 09 Jun 2012
Location: Eastern Washington

The Living Guard

Faction: The Living Guard
Location: Tarkuul
Political stance: Military Branch
Leader(s): Centurion Kuria Höllenklinge
Ideals: Discipline, duty, and persistence.
Goals: Protection of the Living City and it's people from threats both within and without, enforcement of the Nine Laws and the will of the Voice, and safeguarding Tarkuulian progress as a sovereign nation.

Gerald Edmund
Discord: Metal Viking Guy #5433

DC taxation is theft!

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PostPosted: Fri, Apr 04 2014, 12:47 PM 

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Joined: 06 Dec 2012

Bendir Dale Militia

Faction: Bendir Dale Militia
Location: Bendir Dale
Political stance: Defenders of Bendir Dale.
Leader(s): General Nof
Ideals: Protecting Home and Hearth.
Goals: Defending Bendir Dale, enforce the law when it has been broken.


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PostPosted: Sun, Apr 06 2014, 14:01 PM 

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Joined: 26 Apr 2009
Location: Tarkuul

The Magisterium Mortis

Faction: The Magisterium Mortis
Location: Tarkuul
Headquarters: Tower of the Damned
Secrecy: High
Hierarchy: Academic
Leader: Headmaster Lucius Blackwater
Ideals: Ultimate knowledge has no principles
Goals: Arcane advancement of the Living City
Alignment: Any non-good

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Login: Narkudauman

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join the Magisterium Mortis ╬

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PostPosted: Sun, Apr 06 2014, 19:51 PM 

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Joined: 28 Nov 2012
Location: Louisiana, USA (GMT -6, CST)


Broken Road Mercenary Co.

Faction: Broken Road Mercenaries
Headquarters: Quagmire: Mercenary Camp
Area of Influence: Lowlands Swamp Delta
Leader(s): Aldan Stormblade & Walker
Political Stance: Neutral
Religious Views: Any & All welcome
Ideals: Loyalty above everything
Goals: Coin
Known Businesses: Broken Dreams Trading Co., Walker's Wands, Stormwalker's Hall, Delta Downs Inn

Isys ~ Daughter of Earth and Life
Ronnie ~ Without darkness, one cannot full appreciate the light
[MIA]Walker ~ Priestess of the Helping Hand

PostPosted: Sun, Apr 13 2014, 6:35 AM 

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Joined: 22 Sep 2006
Location: Melbourne, Australia [GMT +10]


Nec'perya Vanguard

Faction: Vanguard
Location: Nec'perya
Political stance: Lolthlite Militant Group
Leader(s): Alakaun d'Ussen d'Vhid (Sut'rinos), Tomanita'sorne d'Ussen d'Vhid (Ul'saruk), Naltyrr d'Torviirr (Ul'faeruk)
Ideals: Glorification of the Spider Queen and the Drow through the advancement of Nec'perya
Goals: To protect Nec'perya from internal and external threats, to empower the settlement to be a city worthy of the Spider Queen and the drow, as well as to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

More info here.


NWN Account Name: KnightProtector

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PostPosted: Tue, Apr 15 2014, 1:29 AM 

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Administrative Developer

Joined: 08 Jun 2010

Qu'eller Ussen d'Vhid

Faction: Drow House: Ussen d'Vhid
Headquarters: Nec'perya - Illithid Residence
Area of Influence: Nec'perya
Leader(s): Miz'ri Ussen d'Vhid (Matron Mother), Ahlysaaria (First Daughter)
Political Stance: Pro-Nec'perya Development
Religious Views: Lloth Primary & Selvetarm and other vassals secondary.
Ideals: Repair the web of Lloth, Dominance through service.
Goals: To make Nec'perya both shine in their eyes and in the eyes of the Spider Queen. To explore, expand influence, facilitate trade, gain wealth to accomplish what those before couldn't.

a.k.a. Audrey Zinata

PostPosted: Fri, May 02 2014, 22:40 PM 

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Joined: 09 Sep 2011
Location: Texas Y'all

Qu'eller Lolarox

Faction: Drow House: Lolarox
Headquarters: Nec'perya - Southeast house
Area of Influence: Nec'perya
Leader(s): G'eld'ardul (Matron Mother)
Political Stance: Advancement of Nec'perya
Religious Views: Lolth and service to Lolth through Selvetarm
Ideals: Power for the realm is power for the individual.
Goals: To see Nec'perya prosper as mandated by the Spider Queen. To use trade, as well as political savvy to spread Lolth's influence instead of destroying.

Iim'mur'ss - Grandmaster Shadowdancer / Aaralyn - Diplomat / Oleander - Toxic Desert Flower

PostPosted: Wed, Jun 18 2014, 8:19 AM 

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Joined: 11 Apr 2013
Location: Georgia



Faction: Eternal-Order
Location: Nes'ek
Political stance: Eternal-Order
Leader(s): Chapter Master.
Ideals: Keeping the dead rested, and keeping the living safe.
Goals: To maintain the dead and insure they remain dead. Protect the life of the living.

Ambassador Sigfried Kerim Heledir - Priest of Kelemvor!

Daigon Bloodsworm - Tiefling of Asmodous

PostPosted: Tue, Aug 05 2014, 21:18 PM 


Joined: 12 Jul 2010

The Branded Phoenixes

Mission Statement:

The Branded Phoenix is a group of motivated individuals who are interested in combating threats to Amia, whether it be from magical means, political corruption, or acts of war. Special emphasis is placed upon countering magical and occult threats. We also believe that the status quo should be to the advantage of all, rather than the benefit of the few. We are not aligned with any cities, we come from different walks of life, we bear different creeds, and we pay tribute to different gods.

Our common affiliation is our cause. Like-minded individuals among our group will have access to a wealth of resources to fight not only this battle, but all battles worth fighting. There is no skill that we could not put to use, whether it is diplomacy, combat, magical arts, divine arts, or information gathering. The only requirements are common sense, and fealty to each other and our common goals.

Leadership: The known leaders of the phoenixes are mainly the two Everguard siblings, Emilie and Valerius. Public members of the organization are often easily spotted by their bold black, charcoal, and orange outfits.

Common Gossip: No one seems quite sure what to make of the dramatic, sometimes tongue-in-cheek paramilitary group. They seem to be a motley collection of rogues, scoundrels and misfits herded towards a common cause. While the troubled backgrounds of many of its members sometimes cast a dark cloud of suspicion over their motives, they have scored several diplomatic and military successes early in their career. They seem to hold no collective faith or agenda, and while easilly dismissed as spies, thieves and mercenaries by some, they insist anyone is welcome so long as they serve the greater good, no matter what methods it takes.

Headquarters and Area of Influence: The location of their headquarters isn't quite common knowledge, and they don't seem to have any centralized sphere of influence, with members working for a diverse assortment of City-States and other factions. Members can usually be found concentrated in Cordor or Wharftown, however.

PostPosted: Wed, Sep 17 2014, 19:05 PM 

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Joined: 23 Aug 2011

The Gentlemen

LEADER: Dirk Longstride
LOCATION: West Cordor
HEADQUARTERS: The Gentleman's Club
GOALS: To preserve the freedom and independence of West Cordor. To bring prosperity to her citizens. To enrich the lives of her inhabitants with all the finer things in life typically denied to the common folk. To keep other people out of our gods' damned business.
POLITICAL STANCE: "Mess with the West, die like the rest."
RELIGIOUS STANCE: "Ain't none of our business, 'less you MAKE it our business. So do yourself a favor and don't, y'hear?"
MOTTO: "Cups, coins, and cleavage."
RUMORS, INNUENDO AND HALF-TRUTHS: "Ain't nuthin' happens in the West that don't go through them. They got their fingers in a lotta pies and bake sales. And them ladies and gents, well... they're hungry. Awful hungry."

PostPosted: Wed, Oct 15 2014, 20:12 PM 

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Joined: 10 Apr 2011

Barak Runedar

Faction: Barak Runedar

Location: Brogendenstein

Political stance: However we damn well please! (aka-Good to Neutral-ish)

Current Leader(s):
High Councilor - Reddok BloodAxe
Chair of Military - Whurak Valtensson
Chair of Religion - Rugnar Holder
Chair of Finance - Aaegus Clenn
Chair of the People - Balorin Wolfhammer

Ideals: Temperance, Industry, Valor, Honor

Goals: Advancement and defense of Dwarven life. The security and prosperity of the Barak Runedar citadel. Glory and honor for the Mordinsamman through hard work and valorous deeds.

Loyal Dwarf of Barak Runedar
Sig by Jaydn- Dragon by Jes

PostPosted: Fri, Oct 31 2014, 17:16 PM 

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Joined: 07 Oct 2008
Location: Southeast (USA)

Jarl-Wardens - House Avadon

Faction: The Jarl-Wardens of Wiltun

Location: Fortress Wiltun, Caraigh and Jarldom Holdings

Political stance: Noble House in Wiltun. Military and Diplomatic Branch of government.

  • Lord Avadon
  • Lady Darby Mirth
  • Sir Taelar Ardelyn

Ideals: Honor, Dominance at Sea and the Protection or Expansion of Wiltun interests

Purpose: House Avadon serves as the elite of Wiltun. Equipped to take command of and adapt to situations that fall outside the realm of normal expertise. Their purpose is both to grow and improve Wiltun and the greater Ruathym region.

Goals: The continued protection of Wiltun, her holdings, and her people from threats that present themselves. This often takes the form of asserting the Jarldom's dominance at sea through battles with Luskan pirates and magically corrupted enemies in the region.

PostPosted: Thu, Dec 18 2014, 22:02 PM 

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Joined: 07 Jun 2014

The Dauntless

Faction:The Dauntless
Leader(s): There seems to be some talk of a very small elf-like person by the name of Tempo who is the 'Commander' of The Dauntless.
Location and or Areas of Operation : It isn't common knowledge where exactly they work from. Several rumor may circulate about places called in name 'The Court Of Miracles' Or 'The Halls of Justice' that this group 'works from'. The locations of these places however eludes the rumors.

Political stance: None
Religious Stance:None
Common Gossip: The Dauntless may seem to be a ragtag group of individuals form various backgrounds. It's often hard to tell when or who is exactly apart of such a group.Other rumors that may circulate about them may have to do with 'liberating' a pirate ship.
Manner Of Application to Join: Roleplay

❤ Amia is Fun Again! ❤

"It's easy to feel like a hero. It's a little harder to be one."

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PostPosted: Fri, Dec 19 2014, 23:23 PM 

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Joined: 15 Aug 2010
Location: Ova Dere


The Shrine of Eilistraee

Faction: Children of the Dark Maiden
Location: Benwick Hollow – Silent Bay
Current Leaders:
    High Priestess: Pellanithra Aurvy'ath
    Envoy: Jud'Vardas Kenlyl
    Seneschal: Triel'ithra Zau'ana

The Shrine of Eilistraee was founded long ago by Vikii and Vrinn D'Vreeze and since has become a refuge for Drow looking to escape the grasp of Lolth or other evil entities. With few exceptions, all are welcomed in the Shrine so as long as they come in peace and leave their hatred behind. In recent years the Shrine of Eilistraee has set itself to aiding the denizens of the isle of Amia and the regions beyond, having formally allied themselves with the Dwarves of Barak Runedar and the Holy City of Kohlingen while keeping close friendships with the Commonwealth of Cordor.

The Darksong Knights of Amia

Faction: Darksong Knights
Location: The Shrine of Eilistraee
Current Leader: Auen'nal Zau'ana

Adamant foes of Lolth's Abyssal agents, the Yochols, and to a lesser extent all evil outsiders, the Darksong Knights are a militant order made up of elite Eilistraeen warriors and battle clerics. The Amian chapter has allowed mages and, to a minor degree, rogues into the order to have a boarder range of skills to fight against Lolth and her Handmaidens.

PostPosted: Sun, Feb 15 2015, 9:14 AM 

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Location: Somewhere... anywhere.. not here...maybe there... (GMT -8)

Order of the Flaming Blade

Faction: Order of the Flaming Blade (War Knights)
Location: Formerly of Rethgaardt, Ostland, no current base of operations, an office and meeting room is maintained in Wharftown and members can often be found lending aid in guarding Bendir Dale or the Shrine of Eilistraee
Political stance: Neutral, in compliance with Tempuran code, formal alliances are only formed in times of war and kept for the duration of the conflict.
Current Leader(s):
~Warlord Sanguinius Blake
~Warbearer Hallvardr Erikson

Ideals: Strength and Honor
Patron Deities: Tempus is Primary, Uthgar, Red Knight, Valkur are all secondary, the traditional foes of these deities are respected and kept by the Order
Goals: "...The Order of the Flaming Blade, also known as War Knights, are a group devoted to the dogma of Tempus, the advancement of war, and the upholding of the concept known as Warrior's Honour. While their patron god is Tempus, they also accept the followers of Red Knight, Valkur and Uthgar. They value Strength, Honour and Martial Skills above all else. The War Knights have a long history on the isle of Amia, dating back to the founder and first warlord Vashen Dirge...”

Vaeros ~ Forged of Dragonfire
Kestrel Swiftwing ~ Warpriest of Tempus
Ilharess Tagnik'zur d'Vilrath ~ l'Har'oloth zhah dro 'sohna!
Sir Khayri Aphaeleon ~ Avenger of Hoar, Knight of Fort Cystana

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PostPosted: Mon, Feb 16 2015, 2:44 AM 

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Location: UK.

The Chapel Of Auril

Faction: The Chapel Of Auril

Location: The Frozen North (Including surrounding areas ridden with Poor Winter Weather)

Current Leaders:Unknown.

Goals & Objectives:To subjugate and bring compliance within the Frostmaidens domain,
:arrow:To actively purge warmth and hope, To encourage those to embrace her touch
:arrow:To spread her word and ensure homage is correctly pledged.

Dogma: "Cover all the lands with ice. Quench fire wherever it is found. Let in the winds and the cold; cut down windbreaks and chop holes in walls and roofs that my breath may come in. Work in darkness to hide the cursed sun so that the chill I bring may slay. Take the life of an arctic creature only in great need, but slay others at will. Make all Faerûn fear me."

Rumours: "The Tales of all sorts of types 'o are up there, Lad. You wouldn't believe it.."

Rumours amongst the Frozen Lands can be exaggerated few and far in between, Most who may travel along the roads may spot an illusion or a ray of light catching their eye as they continue to their destination. Some may have spotted what can only be that fuel of nightmares.
Local rumormongers suggest and dictate with the Winter weather worsening, The howls of wolves drawing ever feral it is noted by the folk that superstition is evident, Oft hanging talismans or uttering prayer in the dead thick of night when they shiver from the cold.

With the local predatory wildlife evidently getting worse, Casualties within the Frozen Lands have evidently increased as well as inhuman noises made by those who carry out the Frostmaidens work, Rumours of Aurilites have always been in circulation.

However as conditions worsen, The tales of a nightmarish visage melding with shadow, Stalking adventurers in every step as they traverse coupled with inhuman infernal growls should they have keen ears.
Other rumours suggest of large burly men, Capable of taking few folk out at once are living out within the Wastes and profiteering within the violence and experiencing the revelry of stalking their prey out in the Frozen hunting grounds.

Another rumour that does "Go around the mill" so to speak is the absurd rumour of a "Witch Of The North", Whom or how the rumour was started who can say.. Some versions claim of the witch stalking a barbarian tribe, Others claim that it is simply superstitution and that any folk wish for a scapegoat to blame in situations worsening.

Needless to say, They are heeded by local folk.

Xalibossk, Body Tamer & Terror Of The Underdark


Khuul-Khuum -Icy Heart Award 2014- Joint 2nd Best Developed 2014!
Ordained Of Her Grace

PostPosted: Tue, May 19 2015, 6:51 AM 

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Joined: 14 Feb 2011
Location: Somewhere... anywhere.. not here...maybe there... (GMT -8)

Order of the Gray Watch
Church of Kelemvor


Faction: Order of the Gray Watch (Doomguides)
Location: Currently Kohlingen until the new Temple is Built in Benwick
Current Leader(s): Doomguide Serenity Blacksword
Political Stance: Neutral
Ideals: Alleviate fear of death, Let no mortal die alone, Remember the dead and their deeds in life.
Dogma: Recognize that death is part of life. It is not an ending but a beginning, not a punishment but a necessity. Death is an orderly process without deceit, concealment, and randomness. Help others die with dignity at their appointed time and no sooner. Speak against those that would artificially prolong their life beyond natural limits, such as the undead. Do honor to the dead, for their strivings in life brought Amia to where it is now. Forgetting them is to forget where we are now, and why. Let no human or sentient humanoid in all Amia die a natural death without one of Kelemvor’s chosen at their side.

Vaeros ~ Forged of Dragonfire
Kestrel Swiftwing ~ Warpriest of Tempus
Ilharess Tagnik'zur d'Vilrath ~ l'Har'oloth zhah dro 'sohna!
Sir Khayri Aphaeleon ~ Avenger of Hoar, Knight of Fort Cystana

PostPosted: Tue, Jun 28 2016, 18:51 PM 

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Joined: 11 Nov 2015

The Chromatic Covenant of Amia


Faction: The Chromatic Covenant
Location: N/A
Political stance: 'Neutral', insofar as facing only those who oppose its ideal. In terms of major political rivals, Kohlinghen and Winya should come as self-evident.
Current Leader(s):
~Keeper Achuak'iejir, of Stormwind; High Godclaw/Doranaar of Tiamat.

Ideals: Protection, Power, and Presence -- thus unto all Chromatic-kin. Let no Chromatic be without those to rise in its defense. Let no slight unto any child of the Queen be less than tenfold repaid.
Patron Deities: Tiamat primarily (The Church, of course, provides the 'leading' caste); but other Draconic deities (Falazure, Hlal, Lendys, and Garyx; namely) are also deemed worth veneration, so long as they are not Bahamut, and venerate Her Grace as the creator. As well; good 'fit' deities among the 'mammal' pantheon are acceptable (Ones that don't interfere with Tiamat's dogma (traditionally LE, NE)), and any Kobold diety is considered already subservient.
Goals: To ensure that Chromatics are given a rightful place in the Amian political-scape, so they are not dismissed as a simple pestilence. The destruction of those that interfere with that goal. Establishment and funding of proper shrines for 'all' the Draconic faiths, support of Draconic organizations and the plans of its members, the growth of those encompassed by The Covenant, and the foundation of a 'home'/multiple 'homes' for those of kith and kin.

As well, protection of The Church, in compliance with the Hierarchy and with the wishes of The Queen.

*So, i've got a question for ya.
*do you think even the worst person can change…?
*that everyone can be a good person, if they just try?
*all right.
*well, here's a better question
*do you wanna have a bad time

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PostPosted: Thu, Jun 30 2016, 5:13 AM 

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Joined: 07 Jun 2014

Cordorian Guard : Special Tasks Unit


Faction:Cordorian Guard :Special Tasks Unit & Cadets
Leader(s): Matthew of Valendale [Passionate Shadow on the Forums]

Political stance: Protection of the Citizens of Cordor
Religious Stance:N/A
Common Gossip:The adventuring Guard Unit
Manner Of Application to Join:


The Cordorian Guard is always hiring new and capable recruits and thanks you for your noted interest in serving in the eyes of the law, and the safety of the people of Cordor. All applications are completely confidential.

Please answer all questions truthfully and honestly, as they will be checked against our records. When completed, hand this parchment in a sealed package to any Cordorian Guardsman, addressed to Lieutenant Allan

Personnel Detail

Given Names;
Official Affiliations (if any);
Contact Details;

Experience and Eligibility

Do you currently possess a criminal record?
If yes, please detail:

What skills or talents can you bring to the Cordorian Guard?

Have you previously served as a Cordorian Guard?
If yes, please detail previous rank and time of leaving:

Have you previously served as in any guard, militia, or law enforcement force?
If yes, please detail:

Do you possess any medical conditions that will need to be addressed?
If yes, please detail:

Entrance into the Cordorian Guard includes a two month training period. If your application is successful, do you agree to undergo this training?

If there are any verifiable references who can/will attest to your demeanor and talent, please list their names below. Cordor officials or guardsmen from the Adventuring Unit are given preference.

If there are any further notes you deem appropriate for any hiring personnel to be informed of, please add them below.

The Cordorian Guard thanks you for your application. All applications will be reviewed, and any successful applicants will be brought in for an interview at a later point in time.

~Lieutenant Allan

❤ Amia is Fun Again! ❤

"It's easy to feel like a hero. It's a little harder to be one."

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