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PostPosted: Mon, Jan 19 2015, 2:14 AM 

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Content that has been removed or significantly altered will be listed here.


In the interest of removing extraneous elements of the server to focus on its core foundations - be that development of primary RP centers, classes, or in this case, prevalent races - Shadow Elves and Snow Elves are no longer available as player character options.

No more Shadow Elf or Snow Elf requests will be approved.

Currently existing Shadow and Snow Elves are grandfathered in as the last of their dying breed.

The reason for this removal is that both races have specialized, outlier lore that does not fit well in relation to general Elven lore. Their roles are niche, and playing either of these subraces appropriate to their lore means subdividing the community, rather than weaving it into more interaction; and the alternative to this solitary life is to play each and every character of these subraces as an exception to how they typically would be. Thus their lore and cultural remains barely ever explored or utilized, and very little in the way of support exists to play these races true to their created lore.

From the In Character perspective, the races themselves have been preyed upon by both dwindling population and outside adversaries. With their already low fertility rates, and small pool from which to further the line, the Shadow and Snow Elves cross the point of no recovery for their subspecies, and will soon vanish into history. For those of you who have Shadow and Snow Elf characters, this is the IC situation that they may be aware of, as rare remnants of their fading race, and the unusual RP opportunity this presents.

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