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PostPosted: Sat, Dec 20 2014, 23:04 PM 

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Joined: 13 Jul 2010
Location: British Columbia

What We Are:
The Amia Development Team is comprised of players and DMs alike who collaborate on all aspects of server development; area construction, testing, creature design, NWN script, website deployment, written works, and more.

Our Directive:
The purpose of the Amia Development Team can be summed under three categories; correction of lingering problems (past), maintenance of balance (present), and improvement of / addition to existing content (future). Our goal is to keep the server fresh and attractive to the existing playerbase we do have and to build Amia as competitive in the NWN Server market to entice new players to join our community.

Ultimately the ADT works to rejuvenate Amia with a new vision, or more accurately a reinvention of our server to draw from modern gaming concepts while maintaining the quality of story-setting that our players have come to enjoy. The original designers of Amia have all done some stellar work, especially within a game which is over a decade old, but we can also admit that there are some areas and mechanics that leave something to be desired; there is always room for improvement.

What We Do:
  • Give the server an aesthetic facelift through the update of hak materials and modifying areas to reach their imagined potential, with emphasis on establishing such things as atmosphere, mood, and purpose.
  • Update the server's IG resources for PCs (loot bins, job system, mythal crafting, etc.) so that they are mechanically balanced, lore appropriate, useful and engaging.
  • Establish new quests, and expanding existing quests, all in the interests of improving the individual player's ability to interact with and learn about his or her environment, achieving a sense of genuine accomplishment.
  • Aid the server's DMs in moving the overall story of the server in a direction that will foster continued enjoyment for years to come, working to ensure that these changes are as organic as possible.
  • Accept reports of potential bugs or exploits in an aging game engine, and work to remedy these issues or oversights.

Our Work:
While the Amia Development Team will strive to keep the community informed of upcoming releases, fixes and improvements, there are details of our work that will not be discussed outside of the ADT. As with a professional game development company, this is to secure the quality of the experience for our fellow players, keeping you pleasantly surprised especially where server story is concerned (nobody likes spoilers). We encourage you to suggest avenues of improvement or bring up concerns you might have with regard to the development of the server in the Improving Amia forum, but ask that you respect our creative process.

ADT Staff:

Maverick00053 - ADT Admin
Areas of Focus: Scripting, Widgets, mechanical content updates
Contact: PM

Jes- Developer
Areas of Focus: General scripting, widget work, area design
Contact: PM

Moogle- Developer
Areas of Focus: Area design
Contact: PM

Raua- Developer
Areas of Focus: Area design
Contact: PM

ZoltanTheRed- Developer
Areas of Focus: Scripting
Contact: PM

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