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Server date: July 3 2020 01:42:28
Server time in 12-hr format: 1:42 am
Difference from GMT: +0200

Timezone Table

Timezone24hour format 12-hour format Day
EET (Eastern Europe Time)01:421:42 AMJuly 03
Daylight Savings Time*02:422:42 AMJuly 03
Example: Tel Aviv, Helsinki, Kiev
CET (Central Europe Time)00:4212:42 AMJuly 03
Daylight Savings Time*01:421:42 AMJuly 03
Example: Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin
GMT/UTC (Greenwich Mean Time)23:4211:42 PMJuly 02
Daylight Savings Time*00:4212:42 AMJuly 03
Example: London, Dublin
EST (Eastern Standard Time)18:426:42 PMJuly 02
Daylight Savings Time**19:427:42 PMJuly 02
Example: New York, Philadelphia, Toronto
CST (Central Standard Time)17:425:42 PMJuly 02
Daylight Savings Time**18:426:42 PMJuly 02
Example: Chicago, New Orleans, Mexico City
MST (Mountain Standard Time)16:424:42 PMJuly 02
Daylight Savings Time**17:425:42 PMJuly 02
Example: Denver, Salt Lake City
PST (Pacific Standard Time)15:423:42 PMJuly 02
Daylight Savings Time**16:424:42 PMJuly 02
Example: Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver

*   Daylight Saving Time occurs from the last Sunday in March through the last Sunday in October.

** Daylight Saving Time occurs from the first Sunday in April through the last Sunday in October