About Amia: Subraces

See also: Shops and subraces

To play a subrace, simply pick the correct Race and then type in its recognised word (case insensitive) in the subrace field of the Character Creation Menu. The stats presented in the table below override the standard racial modifiers (for example, you will not receive both Dwarf and Duergar bonuses). The system first removes your NWN base race bonuses, then adds Amia subrace bonuses.
In other words, the character will be reduced to a human stat-wise. All bonuses you saw in creation screen are nulled, and the final bonuses are the ones you can read from the table below.

Once you've joined the game, speak with the Keeper of Souls to activate your racial abilities.
Some races require an application before they can be played on Amia.
Read more about character applications here.


Dwarf Elf Gnome Half-Elf Halfling Half-Orc Human Universal
Shield Dwarf Moon Elf Rock Gnome Half-Elf Lightfoot Halfling Half-Orc Default Aasimar
Gold Dwarf Aquatic Elf Svirfneblin Half Drow Elfling Hobgoblin Calishite Air Genasi
Duergar Drow Faerie Ogrillion Chultan Earth Genasi
Fey'ri Ghostwise Halfling Orog Damaran Fire Genasi
Feytouched Goblin Durpari Tiefling
Shadow Elf Kobold Ffolk Water Genasi
Snow Elf Strongheart Halfling Halruaan
Sun Elf Mulan
Wild Elf Shadovar
Wood Elf Tuigan