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ΔThings you shouldn't do...

Cybering is not allowed on Amia. This also includes any visual "hints", such as people sitting naked and silent in a corner.
See Rules & Lore for more information
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Metagaming includes asking for a raise OOC, sending tells for help, and having a player port directly to your dead character with the purpose of raising it. Players caught doing this will be docked one level, and have half their gold taken. Multiple offenses will result in a ban from the game.

Of course, there are many other instances of metagaming that can arise during RP. Please inform a DM when this happens.

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Muling & Twinking
You are not allowed to transfer of items between your characters (such as 'muling' a powerful weapon and lots of magic potions to a new character, from your epic).

Twinking is also not allowed: If an abnormal situation occurs (such as a very rich level 5 buying a longsword +4 from a level 25) then the DMs suggest screenshotting your transaction so that we know the act is legitimate. Don't give other characters items they won't be able to use within their next two levels.

This same principle applies to gold: A level 3 character shouldn't be given 100k gold. Use common sense: go to a store and see how much an item of their level costs, and use that as a maximum donation limit.

If you have any questions regarding these rules, please ask a DM before carrying out your actions. Standard punishment for muling and twinking is removal of all items and GP of all characters involved.

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.. and more
Do not exploit bugs and glitches within the Neverwinter Nights game.

Do not login with multiple computers at the same time.

Do not login with another character to do something your current character began.

Do not camp any spawns.

Do not babysit players outside your party level range.

Do not spam voicesets.

Do not run ahead of another group, when hunting.

Do not collect treasure from corpses that your party did not kill.

Do not attempt to determine the acts of NPCs, or history of Amia. That is for the DMs to decide.

Do not give your characters titles that they supposedly earned on Amia, unless a DM grants you that title.

Do remember, that only the DMs play gods and NPCs.

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