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The server
This is a roleplay server, not an action server on which you do a few quests and kill everything you encounter without any non-violent interaction with other players. Once you step through the mirror behind this stone you ARE your character, not John Smith from Miami as far as other players are concerned. We're not requiring hardcore roleplay, though, and this is probably not the right server for people who feel that all characters need to observe a regular sleeping schedule and eat at least two meals a day.

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Players are here to enjoy themselves while playing the game and interacting with eachother. Players treat eachother with respect, not matter how hostile the relations between their characters may be. Conflicts between players are primarily solved by the players themselves. A DM steps in when the players are unable to reach a solution that's acceptable to all parties involved.
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A character represents a living entity in the gameworld. Players are not allowed to give their characters knowledge or items that the character did not acquire through its interaction with the gameworld. Character's IC actions result in IC consequenses, so think before acting. In case of dispute, DM's decision is to be followed. You should always "go with the flow" and accept the roleplay as it comes. Cybering and graphic torture are prohibited.
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A DM's task is to represent the gameworld and to keep it coherent. DMs also help the players with problems and decide on the interpretation of rules in a certain situation. Not every decision of a DM will be pleasant for every player; do not argue the matter ingame, but discuss this with the DM via a Private Message in the forums. Complaints should be primarily directed to the DM in question. For more information, see the forums.
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The gameworld
Only DMs hold the right to decide the actions of NPCs (Non-Player Characters), deities, or any other entities active and present in the world of Amia. This includes stories posted in the PC Story forum. The use of non-NwN material in game is not mandatory, nor is knowledge of D&D lore a requirement to play on Amia. No player can be forced to play by any other rules than those included in NwN game and Amia module, or those set by the DM staff.
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NwN game bugs, and Amia module bugs are not to be exploited. DM staff holds the right to decide what is an exploit. If you are unsure what is an exploit, ask before acting.
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About these rules
You will notice that aforementioned rules are not very detailed. The detailed version, including examples, can be found on the forum. You should read this.
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Things you shouldn't do...