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When talking, remember that your character does not know everything that you know. You are playing a role, the role of your character. This means that if you begin talking about other things, you may offend people in your party or near you.

For example, if you begin talking about the football game last night, while the people around you are really enjoying their role playing experience, it will kill their joy immediately. Please try to limit OOC (Out Of Character) conversations, and never have an OOC conversation at all, unless it is with the express permission of everyone within hearing range of you.

Remember, the way you communicate sets the mood for the yourself and others a favor by committing yourself to playing in character, and communicating in a manner that reflects this.

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Everyone has their little quirks. Think about what little quirks your person has. Are they alcoholic? Do they despise anyone taller/shorter than them? Do they stumble when running into battle? Use your imagination, and give your character a bit of "flavor", however you want to....there is no limit except your own imagination.
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Act with common sense
This really goes without saying. Act with common sense. If you're playing evil, then use the discretion that comes with other words, if you are killing people for no other reason than "hey, im evil..." you are in for a very rude awakening. Same goes for if you're playing a good person, and start randomly slaying evil folks. Use common sense, not just in the above examples, but in all of your activities. Remember the famous last words of Fred the Fried..."Dragon?! I'm not scared of a dragon!". Remember....things here can hurt you, it is your job to know and discern between time to fight and time to flee. Because you know no fear does absolutely NOT mean that what you're not scared of can't kill you. Act wisely.
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Enjoy yourself, and help others to the same
Remember that this is a game. People come here to have fun. Please do your role to assist in this by staying in character, and attempting to become them through your play. It is your responsibility as well to inform people if they are detracting from your enjoyment through OOC actions. If this is happening, simply tell them politely "too much OOC" or something like that. If they continue, notify one of the DM's, and we'll take care of it.

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