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ΔRoleplaying, part I

Remember that throughout this game, you are playing the "role" of your character. It will make both your and the people around you enjoy the game much more fully if you stay "in character". Here are a couple things that may assist you in having a more pleasant time.
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What motivates your character? Is it greed (either in general or towards a specific object/person), fear (general or specific), a noble goal, an evil goal, to live by a certain standard of principles, etc. Think about it...what makes your person "tick". Everyone has a motivation...even if it's a simple one (or super complex)...define what YOUR person's motivations are in advance, and then spend your gaming experience here attempting to "flesh out" those things that spur you on.
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Where is your character from? The more detail you can put into this, the fuller and richer your characters play will be. You can also imagine the reason you left there, why you've come here, where you wish to go to eventually, etc. The only limitation is the mind.
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Roleplaying, part II

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