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Lost a character?
Characters are stored in an archive after 60 days of not using them. Remember to login with these characters every now and then to avoid them being archived!! If you log in after a long period of inactivity to discover that your character has been archived, please try the Unarchiver in the Entry first.

Contact a DM if you cannot find your character there.

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Releveling a PC
Sometimes you'll find that you want to redo one of your characters. You have two options:

1. You ask a DM to take levels away from your character.
2. You make a new character with the same name and ask a DM to transfer your gear. Your old character will be deleveled. See the notes below.

* You are not allowed to make a new character with the same name AND keep your old character.
* You are not allowed to transfer items from one character to the other without DM supervision.
* Mind that you can take levels with Dream Coins while rebuilding. Check the forum for pricing.

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Releveling a PC, notes
Notes for option 1.
Never ever take a level from an RDD character. It will mess up your stats. Always do a total (and free) rebuild.

Notes for option 2.
Rebuilding from scratch will be done with a fresh character, ie: a character that hasn't been through the Entry mirrors. Don't start playing a character that you want to rebuild to, it will be refused access after rebuilding. Please make sure you don't give your new character exactly the same name as the original, this will result in missing files.

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The following chat commands will help you archive and unarchive your characters.

f_file [show] [archive/vault] - this will list your vault or archive vault.

f_file [store] [filename] - this will put a character from the servervault to the archivevault.

f_file [restore] [filename or number] - Same as the store function but from the archive to the server vault.

f_file [rename] [filename] [new filename] - This will rename a bic-file in the archive vault, no extension or path needs to be included in the new filename, special characters are stripped and max length is 16 letters.

Example: typing "f_file restore 2" in the shout channel will bring back the 2nd archived character show by the "f_file show archive" command.

See Rules & Lore for more information
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