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Starter Quests on Amia: Island
Here's a few of the starter quests and the levels they were made for.

* Speedy's Deliveries - This quest introduces you to the city and various other quests. It only gives XP if you are below level 3. You find Speedy in Cordor East.
* A Farmer's Favor - This Quest is a challenge for a party of 2-4 characters of average level 3. You can get it by talking to Farmer Holvin in the Northern Outskirts.
* Chosen Orc's Head - This quest is given by the guard at the North gate and is a challenge for a party of 3-4 characters of level 4+. It offers minor skill-based challenges.

Shrine of Eilistraee
* Elrienia will give you a starter's quest. You get XP for it as long as you are below level 4. The quest shows you the lands around the Shrine. Stay on the roads!

* There's a food quest, but I am not sure how it works. :D

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Other quests in Amia: Island
Actand (very hard, I guess level 25+)
* Celestial Business
* Infernal Business

* Pursuit of the Cult - L5
* Spare a coin, friend? - L0

Gulf of Lumorier (best for level 12+)
* Fisherman's Friend
* Fisherman's Friend: Anchor
* Fisherman's Friend: Pitch
* The Scourge of the Lumorian Coast

Skull Crags (best for level 10+)
* A Promise to Gustav
* Absent Friends
* Of Gnomes and Golems

* Riddle me this, riddle me that - L10

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