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Starter Quests on Amia: Abroad
Here's a few of the starter quests and the levels they were made for:

* People under the Stairs - Talk to the boy in the Wiltun food storage. Make sure you bring a weapon, and think outside the box. This could be quite a challenge for a level 2 party.
* Wiltun Chores - Quite an easy and safe quest that shows you the way to a nearby low level island.
* Rats! - One of the Dwarfs in Caraigh hates rats and he will pay you for their ears. Good for level 3 characters.
* Show me what you are made of! - Talk to one of the merchants in Wiltun for a Level 4-5 challenge.
* The Restless Death - This quest is given in Caraigh and is suitable for level 5-6 characters.

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Other quests in Amia: Abroad
Forrstakkr (best for level 17+)
* Book Service - L17
* Dragon Servant
* Give Us Our Weekly Bread
* Revenge on Ljot
* Spread the Bread
* The Nanny
* Written in Stone

Khem (best for level 16+)
* Incense
* Lentils
* Poetic Justice
* Spider Eggs
* The Antidote
* The Bovine Threat
* The Collector
* The Contract
* We're having a ball...

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