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About Amia

ΔAdditions to standard NWN

We have changed many of the Bioware standard spells and abilities for balance and other various reasons. The number of changes is far too large to display all but an outline here. Please review the "Modifications" entry on the sidebar for the changes we have in place.

Full rebuilds will not be free due to ignorance of the ability changes: It is your responsibility to understand how your class functions on Amia by reading up on the changes on the forums.

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Chat Channel Commands
Use "?" or "help" in the shout channel to see what is available.

Type "f_Voice F This is pants!" in the shout channel to make your familiar say "This is pants!". Instead of "F" you can also use "C" (companion) or "S" (summon). Capitals do not matter for the function name or first argument. So, you can use "f_voice f This is pants!" and it will still work.

Type f_Bio [R,B,N,A] [text] in the shout channel to change you character's bio. If you use [R]evert you set the bio back to the character creation version, you can leave [Text] open. [B]reak adds a linebreak (return) to the end of your current bio, you can leave [Text] open. [N]ew overwrites current bio with [Text] and adds a space to the end. [A]dd appendeds to the current bio with [Text] and a space.
Example: f_Bio Add Stop metagaming!
This adds 'Stop metagaming! ' to your current bio.

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Chat Channel Commands II
Type f_hostile in the shout channel to set all PCs on the server other than those in your party to hostile. This is especially useful when you need to quickly hostile all those around you and don't have the time to use the player list (remember, you MUST hostile another PC before you are allowed to attack them).
Example: f_hostile

Type f_friend in the shout channel to set all PCs on the server to neutral; reversing the effect of f_hostile. This command will not work in battle, however.
Example: f_friend

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