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ΔAbout Amia

What we are
Amia is a Neverwinter Nights roleplaying server. This means that you can expect a few things:

1. Everyone will be In Character (IC), that is, playing as their character, and roleplaying, much of the time. If you need to go Out Of Character (OOC), please denote it by prefixing your messages with "//", like "//this is ooc". Party chat is always considered OOC.

2. The players and Dungeon Masters (DMs) will work together on the server to make it a better experience for everyone, as best as they can. Sometimes disputes happen, but we aim to please as many people as possible, and hope to keep conflicts IC, and not OOC.

3. You can expect things to be "Fair". By fair, we mean that everything that happens will be fit within the rules of Neverwinter Nights, and won't just made up on the spot.
Using Pen and Paper (PnP) Dungeons and Dragons rules needs the consent of all players involved, since we don't require you to read tons of DnD books just to play here.

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