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NameJob NeededProduced ByIngredient 1Ingredient 2CategoryPrice
23Ash PlanksSawyerSaw HorseAsh LogsBuilding Materials66 GP
89Cedar PlanksSawyerSaw HorseCedar LogsBuilding Materials159 GP
134Darkwood PlanksSawyerSaw HorseDarkwood LogsBuilding Materials295 GP
153Duskwood PlanksSawyerSaw HorseDuskwood LogsBuilding Materials159 GP
258Ironwood PlanksSawyerSaw HorseIronwood LogsBuilding Materials159 GP
314Oak PlanksSawyerSaw HorseOak LogsBuilding Materials66 GP
329Pine PlanksSawyerSaw HorsePine LogsBuilding Materials66 GP
330PlanksSawyerSaw HorseLogsBuilding Materials18 GP
484Yew PlanksSawyerSaw HorseYew LogsBuilding Materials66 GP