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NameJob NeededProduced ByIngredient 1Ingredient 2CategoryPrice
5Adamantine OreMinerOre DepositMetal1155 GP
46Black Iron OreMinerOre DepositMetal520 GP
110Cold Iron OreMinerOre DepositMetal1008 GP
115Copper OreMinerOre DepositMetal51 GP
210Gold OreMinerOre DepositMetal1767 GP
250Iron OreMinerOre DepositMetal88 GP
271Lead OreMinerOre DepositMetal88 GP
296Mercury OreMinerOre DepositMetal744 GP
305Mithral OreMinerOre DepositMetal1656 GP
311Mysterious OreGeologistOre DepositMetal336 GP
333Platinum OreMinerOre DepositMetal1881 GP
394Silver OreMinerOre DepositMetal1312 GP
441Tin OreMinerOre DepositMetal115 GP
486Zinc OreMinerOre DepositMetal168 GP