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NameJob NeededProduced ByIngredient 1Ingredient 2CategoryPrice
21Ash BowBowyerBowyer's WorkbenchAsh PlanksRanged Weapons107 GP
119Cotton SlingBowyerBowyer's WorkbenchBolt of CottonRanged Weapons107 GP
132Darkwood BowBowyerBowyer's WorkbenchDarkwood PlanksRanged Weapons380 GP
151Duskwood BowBowyerBowyer's WorkbenchDuskwood PlanksRanged Weapons221 GP
256Ironwood BowBowyerBowyer's WorkbenchIronwood PlanksRanged Weapons311 GP
386Silk SlingBowyerBowyer's WorkbenchBolt of SilkRanged Weapons475 GP
475Woolen SlingBowyerBowyer's WorkbenchBolt of Woolen ClothRanged Weapons66 GP
482Yew BowBowyerBowyer's WorkbenchYew PlanksRanged Weapons107 GP