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NameJob NeededProduced ByIngredient 1Ingredient 2CategoryPrice
145Diamond FormationGeologistObservationEmpty PagesBook500 GP
203Gem FamiliesGeologistResearcher's DeskStrange GemEmpty PagesBook1119 GP
251Iron Ores I: Common IronGeologistResearcher's DeskIron OreEmpty PagesBook478 GP
252Iron Ores II: Black IronGeologistResearcher's DeskBlack Iron OreEmpty PagesBook582 GP
253Iron Ores III: Cold IronGeologistResearcher's DeskCold Iron OreEmpty PagesBook1119 GP
311Mysterious OreGeologistOre DepositMetal336 GP
421Strange GemGeologistGem DepositGem1008 GP
458Unknown OresGeologistResearcher's DeskMysterious OreEmpty PagesBook912 GP