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NameJob NeededProduced ByIngredient 1Ingredient 2CategoryPrice
15Ancient CivilisationsHistorianResearcher's DeskPottery PiecesEmpty PagesBook598 GP
20Art of the Old KingdomsHistorianResearcher's DeskAncient ArtifactEmpty PagesBook2037 GP
126Cursed Blades of BenwickHistorianResearcher's DeskBroken BladeEmpty PagesBook684 GP
266Khemite Religious ArtHistorianObservationEmpty PagesBook500 GP
381Scroll HolderHistorianInventor's ContraptionLeatherLead IngotGadgets250 GP
436The Fall of BenwickHistorianResearcher's DeskWithered TapestryEmpty PagesBook672 GP
438The Ruins of Thamas ErebHistorianResearcher's DeskOld UrnEmpty PagesBook562 GP
448Tribes of the NorthHistorianResearcher's DeskTribal TotemEmpty PagesBook500 GP