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NameJob NeededProduced ByIngredient 1Ingredient 2CategoryPrice
154Eau de CordorAlchemistAlchemist's LabFeverfew LeavesPure AlcoholClothing300 GP
168Essence of PurityHerbalistHerbalist's PotGlow BerriesPure AlcoholAlchemy320 GP
337Potion of Elemental Resistance: AirAlchemistAlchemist's LabElemental Essence: AirPure AlcoholGadgets457 GP
338Potion of Elemental Resistance: EarthAlchemistAlchemist's LabElemental Essence: EarthPure AlcoholGadgets457 GP
339Potion of Elemental Resistance: FireAlchemistAlchemist's LabElemental Essence: FirePure AlcoholGadgets457 GP
340Potion of Elemental Resistance: WaterAlchemistAlchemist's LabElemental Essence: WaterPure AlcoholGadgets457 GP
347Pure AlcoholAlchemistAlchemist's LabBarleyAlchemy11 GP