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Herbalist  GC

Historical background

A Herbalist was usually a member of a religious order such as a monk or friar. His main duties included the planting and maintaining of medicinal plants, roots and herbs. Different from a Gardener in that he didn't maintain large estates or actively participate in forming defensive ditches, the Herbalist enveloped himself in the deep studies of medicine.
Many herbs have natural healing agents and as medicine was still in its early stages, the Medieval Herbalist was a much respected person. Normally the church would provide a plot or tract of land that was cultivated by either religious personnel or by peasants who received minor wages. The Herbalist would then plant and maintain his select crops in the area.
A lot of the plants needed to undergo treatments such as boiling, drying, steeping or steaming to bring out their healing properties and some needed to be combined with others to find the desired results. The Herbalist therefore had an elaborate and involved study and needed the components of a laboratory to do his work successfully.
Those who belonged to religious orders usually did not stand to make high wages as they were bound by laws of poverty. However a layman who acted as his own Herbalist could sell his healing knowledge and services for extremely high prices.

How does it work?

You can find herbs around Amia. Put herbs in the kettle and close it. Choose option 1 of the convo to process it into potions if your standard roll is a success. Some recipes can be found in the kettle convo, others are secret and have to be found by experimenting.


 • Butterfly Mushroom Spores
 • Chinchona Bark
 • Essence of Purity
 • Feverfew Leaves
 • Firethorn
 • Glow Berries
 • Greenbrier Root
 • Hallowseeds
 • Healing Kit + 1
 • Healing Kit + 10
 • Healing Kit + 3
 • Healing Kit + 6
 • Heart of the Forest
 • Horsetail Mushroom
 • Lesser Clubmoss
 • Local Anesthesia Paste
 • Midwive's Helper
 • Pod Moss
 • Potion of Barkskin
 • Potion of Heal
 • Potion of Lesser Restoration
 • Red Hat
 • Retch Moss
 • Rock Pine Bark
 • Rose Lily Bulb
 • Seer's Wine
 • Sleeping Tea
 • Stomach Powder


G Gatherer: You gather natural resources such as ore and wood.

C Converter: You convert none resource into the other, for example ore into metal.

F Farmer: You plant crops or breed animals from which to harvest resources.

H Hunter: You locate creatures or areas and interact with them.

A Academic: You can generate knowledge by examining objects.

S Service: You can boost abilities by attending a character.

T Trader: You can buy, sell, and store resources.

U Unique: See description.