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Gem Cutter  C

Historical background

Gemstone cutting as a professional discipline has been practiced for thousands of years. Each generation of lapidary artisans and stone cutters has improved on the proceeding generation's ability to perfect nature and amplify the beauty and wonder of the naturally formed crystal.

Naturally occurring facets in crystals were undoubtedly the inspiration for early gem-cutters, motivating them to attempt improvements on nature. It is, and has always been the gem cutter's task to take maximum advantage of the stone's potential with a minimum amount of wasted material. Each stone's optical properties dictate the way in which it should be cut. It is up to the gem cutter to discern the optimal cut for each stone.

Facetted Gemstones and diamonds made their appearance in European jewelry during the late 13th and early 14th centuries. With the advent of the horizontally turning cutting-wheel in the late 1400s came the possibility of designing and repeating elaborately conceived geometric faceting schemes, thereby controlling and enhancing the light coming from within the stone.

How does it work?

Put gem ore in a smelting pot and close it. Choose option 1 of the convo to process the ore. This processes it into gems if your standard roll is a success.


 • Alexandrite
 • Amethyst
 • Aventurine
 • Beljuril
 • Bloodstone
 • Blue Diamond
 • Canary Diamond
 • Crystal
 • Deep Crystal
 • Diamond
 • Emerald
 • Fire Agate
 • Fire Opal
 • Fluorspar
 • Garnet
 • Greenstone
 • Ivory
 • Jacinth
 • Kings Tear
 • Malachite
 • Obsidian
 • Phenalope
 • Rogue Stone
 • Ruby
 • Sapphire
 • Star Sapphire
 • Topaz


G Gatherer: You gather natural resources such as ore and wood.

C Converter: You convert none resource into the other, for example ore into metal.

F Farmer: You plant crops or breed animals from which to harvest resources.

H Hunter: You locate creatures or areas and interact with them.

A Academic: You can generate knowledge by examining objects.

S Service: You can boost abilities by attending a character.

T Trader: You can buy, sell, and store resources.

U Unique: See description.