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Bowyer  C

Historical background

The Bowyer (also called a Bower or Fletcher), crafted and manufactured bows, arrows, crossbows and bolts. The effectiveness of the standard bow in combat was first recognized by the Barbarian armies of Eastern Europe around 1070 AD. But it was not until October 4, 1189 that Archers and bowmen established themselves at the Battle of Acre and proved the quality of the bow as a weapon.
From that point forward, the bow became a standard weapon. It was easy to craft by those who knew the skill and was readily affordable to most people. Bowyers worked with a variety of woods and tools. A well crafted bow had durability and even balance. The skill was much in demand and remained a premier trade until the 1600s.

How does it work?

Put wooden planks (bows) or bolts of cloth (slings) in the workbench and close it. Choose a relevant option of the convo to process them into ranged weapons if your standard roll is a success. The material and quality of the weapons is based on the wood/cloth and your roll. The recipes on the convo tell you which planks you can use.


 • Ash Bow
 • Cotton Sling
 • Darkwood Bow
 • Duskwood Bow
 • Ironwood Bow
 • Silk Sling
 • Woolen Sling
 • Yew Bow


G Gatherer: You gather natural resources such as ore and wood.

C Converter: You convert none resource into the other, for example ore into metal.

F Farmer: You plant crops or breed animals from which to harvest resources.

H Hunter: You locate creatures or areas and interact with them.

A Academic: You can generate knowledge by examining objects.

S Service: You can boost abilities by attending a character.

T Trader: You can buy, sell, and store resources.

U Unique: See description.