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Slaver  H

Historical background

Slavery is second nature to the drow mindset; few dark elves can imagine life without slaves. Drow believe they have a manifest destiny as the best and strongest of all the races. It only follows that other races must serve them or become extinct.

Most drow settlements have a slave market set apart from the rest of the market district, and often just outside the settlement's limits, to keep its foul stench away from the city proper. The pits stink of death, decay, fear, blood, and offal. Drow or their servants come to the slave market to bid on the merchandise, auctioned off by the slavers who captured them.

It will not come a s a surprise that slaves try to escape now and then. Hunting them down is part of the Slaver's job description.

How does it work?

You go to your Instructor and ask for a task. You can only have one active task at any moment. If you are free to take a task the Instructor gives you an area name and a target. Go to that area, locate your target, and attack him. The usual combat routines will be replaced by a standard roll. On success you kill the target, bonus gives you a gold drop. On failure the target escapes.


G Gatherer: You gather natural resources such as ore and wood.

C Converter: You convert none resource into the other, for example ore into metal.

F Farmer: You plant crops or breed animals from which to harvest resources.

H Hunter: You locate creatures or areas and interact with them.

A Academic: You can generate knowledge by examining objects.

S Service: You can boost abilities by attending a character.

T Trader: You can buy, sell, and store resources.

U Unique: See description.