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Refiner  C

Historical background

Smelting ore dug up from the earth is a very important step before that metal can be used. Smelting removes many of the impurities of the metal and converts much of it into the crystalline structure for which it is sought. Smelting metal is a hard laborious task which requires the work of highly skilled professional smelters. It also requires expensive smelting furnaces as well as a considerable amount of fuel.

Medieval smelters who desired to make steel did something very ingenious. Rather than having a special smelting furnace, they made three different types of smelting furnace. The first was the normal heat furnace that would burn charcoal or wood and would smelt iron. A second was an "oxygen-rich furnace" to try to decarburize or reduce the carbon content of cast iron. The third was a "carbon-rich furnace" to increase carbon levels in liquid wrought iron. Often the same iron has to be jostled back and forth between the different smelting furnaces to balance the carbon content and produce steel.

How does it work?

Put metal ore in a smelting pot and close it. Choose option 1 of the convo to melt
down the ore. This processes it into ingots of pure metal if your standard roll is a
success. You can also produce charcoal, steel, and composite metals. The recipes can
be found in the Melting Pot convo.


 • Adamantine Ingot
 • Black Iron Ingot
 • Brass Ingot
 • Bronze Ingot
 • Bronze Ingot
 • Carbon
 • Cold Iron Ingot
 • Copper Ingot
 • Darksteel Ingot
 • Gold Ingot
 • Gold Ingot
 • Iron Ingot
 • Lead Ingot
 • Mercury Bottle
 • Mithral Ingot
 • Mithral Ingot
 • Platinum Ingot
 • Quicklime
 • Silver Ingot
 • Silver Ingot
 • Steel Ingot
 • Tin Ingot
 • Zinc Ingot


G Gatherer: You gather natural resources such as ore and wood.

C Converter: You convert none resource into the other, for example ore into metal.

F Farmer: You plant crops or breed animals from which to harvest resources.

H Hunter: You locate creatures or areas and interact with them.

A Academic: You can generate knowledge by examining objects.

S Service: You can boost abilities by attending a character.

T Trader: You can buy, sell, and store resources.

U Unique: See description.